Check out out new Hummer!!!

Actually, it’s a scale model that we are using on a consulting project. In addition to being one of the top Wilkes-Barre area photography studios, we also offer consulting services to large studios and business interested in setting up their own in-house studio. Many situations don’t allow for a large customer to call on us for photography.

One example is a large national car dealership chain that needs to photograph used cars for their website. It’s not practical to hire us for the several hours a day they need – everyday. That’s where Earl & Sedor’s consulting service comes in. We evaluate the need, make the proposal and install the studio. We even offer training on the new studio for the staff photographers.

Pictured here is a scale model of a sample studio we propose. Everything is scaled right down to the height of the walls that need to be constructed. With proof of concept in hand, we can show the client almost exactly what to expect from their investment.

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