Actually, we shot a month’s worth of photos in one week…

Our friends Sue Schuester and Lara Mattey Stage2Marketing called and we answered.  They knew that Earl and Sedor isn’t just a Wilkes-Barre photographer. We’ll travel… even as far as the Peach State! The client was Southern Real Estate – developer of high-end, gated communities in the Blue Mountains region of Northern Georgia – complete with REAL log cabins.

It didn’t make sense to fly all our gear, so we rented a cargo van and drove. Fourteen hours of driving while discussing politics & religion made it feel much uh… shorter? 🙂

It’s a great place and the owners are real down to earth people.  There is even talk of adding a runway for corporate jets!  We had a genuine Thanksgiving dinner that was set up for the photo shoot.  I fell in love with REAL southern fillin’…. and real southern cornbread… AND real southern pecan pie!  You get the picture (pun intended).

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