John Sedor & JB Earl
John Sedor & JB Earl

JB Earl and John Sedor have been providing their services as professional photographers locally – in Northeastern Pennsylvania in the Greater Wilkes-Barre and Scranton area – and nationally since 1984.

Friends since the early 80’s, they started out individually as sole proprietors during their college days. Graduates of Wilkes College (now Wilkes University),  JB earned a bachelors in Earth Sciences and John a bachelors in accounting.

Both John and JB saw tremendous change in the industry with the advent of digital imaging. E&S, as they are commonly referred, were the first in Northeastern Pennsylvania to adopt the new technology.

“The fact that we purchased the sixth high resolution digital studio camera made in the world shows that we are committed to the business and are willing to be on the technology forefront,” said Earl. “We can still provide the traditional creative role of a photo studio while delivering to our clients a modern and technologically current product.”

“Our studio is, and always will be about meeting the customers needs. We are often given a set of near impossible parameters to follow by our clients. We manage to find that one clear path that leads to an exceptional final product,” said Sedor. “Sometimes the final product looks so good, it appears to have been an easy shoot. Those images are the ones that usually require the most time and effort — effort that truly pays off in the end.”

With clients from Hawaii to New York, John and JB are always busy and yet always available to develop new relationships.