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Of course you know video is important to your business marketing.  You want your image to be professional, but too often businesses use the easy way out to produce that video.  It should go without saying that you want potential customers to watch your video and feel that they should hire you.  Unfortunately most videos don’t have that effect.

You know it when you see it.

Some of the things that come across to your potential customers as unprofessional:

  •       Pre-Production:  no script or storyboard, poor locations;
  •       Audio:  on-camera microphones, background noise, echo, hiss and hum;
  •       Lighting:  office lighting, on camera lights, poor color fidelity;
  •       Camera:  poor composition, no action or camera movement, shaky camera;
  •       Post Production:  bad pace and cuts, no foley or music;

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your video is “just for the web”.  This is where your potential customers will get their first impression of you.  Make sure it’s a good one.

Video Production that shows what you do best isn’t easy to create, but it is easy to find a team that can do it.

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