The term “taco cart” is used in the industry to describe a mobile cart that holds gear to make it easily transportable.  Our taco cart uses industry standard large milk crates to hold our gear.  We fabricated this cart for jobs like we shot today.  We need everything from grip to lighting and from stands to computer.  This set-up works great for educational, industrial, commercial, corporate and even hotel and location food photography.

Today we were on location at Wilkes University located in Wilkes-Barre, PA to update their web imagery.  This particular job involved the biology department.  This particular image is cropped for a long horizontal with the intent of having the faculty member in the background and somewhat out of focus in order to emphasize the student up front.  The taco cart is seen below, first as we arrive with the gear completely stowed for transport.  The second shot shows the cart with some lighting set on stands and the camera case opened as we move from room to room to shoot each set.

If your curious, there are NO tacos in the cart……  Maybe just a few snack bars.

taco 1 taco 2biology mentor 2


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