Earl and Sedor Studios were excited to take on a new project with their alma mater, Wilkes University. As we always love a challenging project, this shoot for the graduating class was the perfect fit. Our task was to get an aerial shot of the graduating class in the form of the Wilkes’s “W” also referred to as the “Flying W”. As this might seem like a simple project, we took the liberties to go above and beyond to get the best shot, making it more challenging.  Despite this shot never taking place, it is a great example of what our team is willing to prepare and take on to get a not-so-typical, exciting final picture.

To determine how to properly fit each student in the “W” formation we first took the measurements of the Wilkes’s “W” including all the angles of this letter. Later we took the dimensions of the average human. With this measurement, we came up with a box that would represent how much space an average person would take up. Using this box, we were then able to mathematically figure out the best way to arrange people within the “Flying W”. This shoot proves to be a great example of the risk and challenge we are willing to take to get the perfect shot.

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