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Hotel Marketing Photos for Holiday Inn

Here are some examples from a recent multi-day photo shoot for Holiday Inn Wilkes Barre.

The dusk photo involved carefully matching the ambient illumination at with carefully placed practical lighting under the tent.  We also rigged additional lights for overall fill up inside the canopy tops, and lighting the lawn area in the background for ambience and separation

.pool and jacuzzi patio restaurant lunch cocktail reception

wedding buffet

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Earl & Sedor Productions goes “inside” the internet for this shoot

Not long ago we had the pleasure of photographing Paul Quick, Senior Vice President of Frontier Communications. Based in Dallas, PA, Frontier is a leading telecommunications company employing over 14,000 nationwide.  We were pleased to be trusted with such an important role of photographing Mr Quick in an internet data switch room.

Paul was photographed for African-American Career World Magazine, which In addition to direct subscribers, is distributed by direct request in bulk to all 1,400 four-year universities, 34 top graduate schools, and all 296 accredited engineering schools at their placement offices.

Since we are no strangers in location photography, we were set for the task.  Our many years working in industrial and technical locations gives us the edge in understanding what is important, what is delicate and where NOT to plug in a light fixture. We are keenly aware of issues such as radio interference and voltage draws that may get other less knowledgeable photographers kicked out fast.
This set was lit by four strobes-battery and AC powered and was captured with a Canon DSLR with 100mm f/2 Canon glass.
Also, being able to work quickly and adapt to changing events as the “talent” arrives on set is important.  Combine all these issues and the challenge could be daunting.
Frontier Communications called Earl & Sedor Productions because they knew we could get the job done!Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.02.24 AM
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Jay McCarroll goes to Kingston…

Well actually, Jay has come back to Kingston from his current life in Philadelphia.  You may remember Jay as the winner of the inaugural season of Project Runway.

Jay is an NEPA native and currently running his website,  jaymccarrollonline.com as well as teaching at Philadelphia University He is also in the process of designing new fabrics and tote bags for his company.

As a matter of fact, some of the the fabrics used in the shoot were designed and produced by Jay.

He was a blast to work with…..  He turned out to be quite the comedian and he certainly brought an air of levity to the shoot.  We enjoy shooting celebrities, but Jay took the top honors with his quick wit and flamboyant persona.

JB and I pulled out all the stops on this one.  We even brought out the high end fake snow.  Of course, neither our Mac nor our Canon EOS 5D Mark II  camera flinched under the rigorous shoot.  We captured over a thousand images during the shoot and even managed to get in one ourselves.

Oh Yeah…  and no blue M&M’s were requested for the green room- just Coke Zero! 🙂

We are glad that Jay chose Earl & Sedor for his new series of photographs.

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the art of photographic studio design: earl and sedor consulting services

Check out out new Hummer!!!

Actually, it’s a scale model that we are using on a consulting project. In addition to being one of the top Wilkes-Barre area photography studios, we also offer consulting services to large studios and business interested in setting up their own in-house studio. Many situations don’t allow for a large customer to call on us for photography.

One example is a large national car dealership chain that needs to photograph used cars for their website. It’s not practical to hire us for the several hours a day they need – everyday. That’s where Earl & Sedor’s consulting service comes in. We evaluate the need, make the proposal and install the studio. We even offer training on the new studio for the staff photographers.

Pictured here is a scale model of a sample studio we propose. Everything is scaled right down to the height of the walls that need to be constructed. With proof of concept in hand, we can show the client almost exactly what to expect from their investment.

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We were quite honored

Misericordia University MuralAs Northeastern Pennsylvania professional photographers, we were quite honored to be selected as part of the team that provided the imagery for the new Insalaco Hall at Misericordia University in Dallas, PA. Considered a permanent installation, these images needed to be powerful, creative and tell a story.

The space for these images was part of the design for the structure. The long open hallway can be seen from outside and the photographs we created were to remind the viewer what the 1924 founders of the school, The Religious Sisters of Mercy stood for. These art photos depict Justice, Service, Mercy and Hospitality.

After much discussion with the creative department at Misericordia, the project went from concept to creation in a very short time as a deadline was rapidly approaching. The images were captured at very high resolution to accommodate the large and detailed reproduction size. The University creative team added their finishing touches and the project quickly became a reality. If your in the area, you must check out Insalaco Hall and the hallway that reminds all its visitors about the mission of Catherine McAuley, an Irish Catholic laywoman and founder of the Religious Sisters of Mercy.

Misericordia University Mural

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