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We spent a month in Georgia one week…

Actually, we shot a month’s worth of photos in one week…

Our friends Sue Schuester and Lara Mattey Stage2Marketing called and we answered.  They knew that Earl and Sedor isn’t just a Wilkes-Barre photographer. We’ll travel… even as far as the Peach State! The client was Southern Real Estate – developer of high-end, gated communities in the Blue Mountains region of Northern Georgia – complete with REAL log cabins.

It didn’t make sense to fly all our gear, so we rented a cargo van and drove. Fourteen hours of driving while discussing politics & religion made it feel much uh… shorter? 🙂

It’s a great place and the owners are real down to earth people.  There is even talk of adding a runway for corporate jets!  We had a genuine Thanksgiving dinner that was set up for the photo shoot.  I fell in love with REAL southern fillin’…. and real southern cornbread… AND real southern pecan pie!  You get the picture (pun intended).

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We were quite honored

Misericordia University MuralAs Northeastern Pennsylvania professional photographers, we were quite honored to be selected as part of the team that provided the imagery for the new Insalaco Hall at Misericordia University in Dallas, PA. Considered a permanent installation, these images needed to be powerful, creative and tell a story.

The space for these images was part of the design for the structure. The long open hallway can be seen from outside and the photographs we created were to remind the viewer what the 1924 founders of the school, The Religious Sisters of Mercy stood for. These art photos depict Justice, Service, Mercy and Hospitality.

After much discussion with the creative department at Misericordia, the project went from concept to creation in a very short time as a deadline was rapidly approaching. The images were captured at very high resolution to accommodate the large and detailed reproduction size. The University creative team added their finishing touches and the project quickly became a reality. If your in the area, you must check out Insalaco Hall and the hallway that reminds all its visitors about the mission of Catherine McAuley, an Irish Catholic laywoman and founder of the Religious Sisters of Mercy.

Misericordia University Mural

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Up on the housetop… photographers pause?


jb-john-on-rooftop-in-wilkes-barreAnd yes…….. I am scared of heights!!! (I’d make a lousy Santa Claus.)

The best thing about having a great business partner is not just that we are diversified in our skill sets and not just that we can shoot people to products or aerials to architecture. Of course, those are all great assets for a modern professional photography studio. The best part for me is that JB will guilt me into doing things that I normally wouldn’t – like climbing onto a rooftop in downtown Wilkes-Barre to get the perfect image of the Frontier Communications building.  AND Although this isn’t the first time JB has guilted me into getting onto a roof, it doesn’t get any easier!

I guess JB had a good reason to push me to my limit. He guilted me into going on my first aerial photography flight more than 20 years ago – in a little aluminum tube that weighed less than my car! Long story short…. Now, I do most of the aerial photography(over 350 hours to date) for clients as diverse and race tracks, real estate giants and your average person looking for that perfect gift- a picture of their home.

Thanks JB… now, just don’t look down… right?

The end result…


Click to Enlarge

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