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We photograph people.

Since the beginning of photography, people have proven to be the most intriguing subjects.  It is an art the requires a unique interaction between the photographer and the subject.  The best images come not just from the camera, but also from an emotional connection.  Without emotion, a portrait becomes merely a snapshot.

We photograph places.

Your neighborhood, your home, your business… we become attached to the places that we spend our time, and often want to show those places off to the world.  Whether it’s location shoots or aerial photography, our photographers’ experience in the Greater Wilkes-Barre region and around the country will meet your needs.

We photograph things.

Yes, we photograph things…   Things such as watches, jewelry, guitars, lenses, chocolate and even peirogies …. a local favorite food!!!  Anything you can make, we can photograph! Even if you didn’t make it yet, bring us your prototype and we’ll photograph it, tweak it, and deliver an image that will help your “thing” sell!

Take a moment to browse our galleries featuring the different clients and types of photography we specialize in.  We love challenges, too – so if you need a custom photographic solution, call us – we’re up for it!

  • Aerial Photos
  • Architectural Photos
  • Construction Progress
  • Corporate and Educational Photos
  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Industrial Photos
  • People Photos
  • Photos of Things
  • Wedding Photos