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Time Lapse PSA Video Project | Keystone College

Corporate Photography | Earl and Sedor

Earl and Sedor had the opportunity to work with Hoegen & Associates, P.C. to capture corporate photos for their website. Years of experience doing photography for many law firms gives us the knowledge and flexibility get each message out to the firm’s market.

“Our studio is, and always will be about meeting the customers needs. We are often given a set of near impossible parameters to follow by our clients. We manage to find that one clear path that leads to an exceptional final product,” said Sedor. “Sometimes the final product looks so good, it appears to have been an easy shoot. Those images are the ones that usually require the most time and effort — effort that truly pays off in the end.”

We are dedicated to representing your company, business, organization, and more in the best light possible – figuratively and literally! We know you have a story to tell and we want to make sure your audience is hearing, seeing, and experiencing your story the right way. We do our best to project expectations and make the most of every client experience. We undoubtedly understand the importance of creating eye-catching and consistent branding as well.


Drone Footage Captured for Television Commercial

Did you know Earl & Sedor are FAA Licensed Drone Operators?

Earl & Sedor Productions was recently hired by a nationally recognized production company to provide the aerial footage in Dallas and Wilkes-Barre for a television commercial.  As FAA licensed operators, we had the legal authority to fly the mission and get the shot you see here.  This footage was flown by John Sedor and JB Earl was the camera operator.  Special attention was needed because we were within the boundaries of a heliport and near the flight path of a local airport for one of the sites.  After checking the NOTAM’s(Notice to Airmen) for any restrictions to flight, we set up a secure perimeter at each facility to launch our aerial camera platform and monitored the local air frequencies.  Drone flights carry a risk due to the potential for incursion of protected airspace and possible collision with manned aircraft.  It is critical that commercial drone flights be carried out by FAA licensed part 107 operators.  Liability can also pass to the client and so the client needs to properly vet the operator.

Magazine Center Spread Photo for Winning Baseball Team

Earl and Sedor was hired to create a dramatic photo for a Misericordia Today magazine article. The team had won 6 Mac titles, 4 in a row by the class of 2016. We photographed each of the seniors individually and assembled the photos, as well a background and the title artwork, into a group for the center spread.
We also created photographs for the Harlem Globetrotter and Mentorship Program articles. Summer 2016 Issue Here
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Footage from our Drone of Wilkes Barre

Shooting some sample footage with our DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter (drone).  This is Wilkes Barre PA from near the Market Street Bridge. We are FAA licensed operators.  #dronephotography #videoproduction