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The Money Man

Earl & Sedor Photographic is honored to have been chosen to photograph Michael Hirthler. But…. I’m sure not as honored as Mr. Hirthler was to be chosen one of the top 1000 of America’s advisors by Barron’s Magazine.

Mr Hirther is a partner with Jacobi Capital Management. Michael is a financial advisor from the Wilkes-Barre area in Luzerne County that services accounts locally as well as nationally.

The imagery we created is for marketing and publicity purposes both locally and regionally. The designs aren’t complete yet, so watch for Michael to be in print and on billboards throughout the region. Our imagery was created to leave plenty of free white space for text and the mention of Michael’s accomplishments.

Earl & Sedor’s financial advise….. Don’t spend your money on poor quality photography. It is the first thing people see and needs to be the best it can be.

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Bigger than a House!

I was always told to keep my feet off the table…….

Yeah….  We were all told that as kids, but this guy is in HIS house and he can do what he wants!!

We were at Dallas Middle School photographing people for an ad.  The goal here was to make him look bigger than life and in HIS house. Mission accomplished!!

Notice we are using  the new X-Rite color profiling system for more accurate color.  This system allows the software to profile the camera under various lighting scenarios.   Doing so will correct color specific issues such as greens that don’t appear as saturated or flesh tones that are too yellow.  We are always on the forefront of color and technique in order to provide the highest quality images.

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Boy, Do We Love Pizza!

Not only do we like to eat it, but we like to shoot photographs of it, too!  JB & John have more than 20 years of experience taking mouth-watering photos of food.  We know what looks good the techniques to get the photograph to reflect the emotion of deliciousness!

These photographs were shot for a multi-state pizza restaurant and included five new products.  These images will be web, print menu and outside advertising purposes.  Now….. if we can only get a vineyard to shoot on the same day, we’ll have it made.

Bon Appétit!!!

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Earl & Sedor is going to new heights for our customers…

The song “Can you take me higher” by the band CREED comes to mind when we go on some of our shoots.  You’ve read my story about “heights” before in our post about “Up on the house top…”.

I guess you could say we like to get high!  If you need a great shot of you retail store, building or manufacturing facility, we can get the shot from the right height.

We’re used to capturing photos from a 160 foot high bucket truck! We have no fear (at least not anymore!)  We’ve learned from experience that you need to shoot certain types of buildings from a high perspective.  Otherwise, you don’t get the big picture (or worse, you get too much parking lot.).

Earl and Sedor Photographic looks forward to these architectural and building photography shoots throughout the greater Wilkes-Barre region and beyond.

The Potter’s Eye

We photograph things…

In this case, it is the art of world renowned glass and metal artisan Maria Livrone.  Maria has her work displayed coast to coast as well as worldwide.  This was an interesting project for us to shoot.

Semi-transparant glass poses a real challenge from a lighting perspective.  Too much light or light from the wrong angle can destroy the details in the glass and not enough light can make glass appear non-transparant. Maria was quite happy with the results and she is a repeat customer of many years.